“Sanford Meisner on Acting” book review

Simple view on acting

Simple in a good, geniuos, professional way. Like anything seems in the hands of a master.

Written just like most books on acting since Stanislavsky in the form of an acting classes transcripts. With live dialogues, exercises, comments and even jokes.

Sandy Meisner goes beyond Stanislavsky in emphasizing the instinctive, natural actor’s behaviour. He is all about being, not acting.

Main thought I’ve taken from the book:

1. Don’t act — be.
2. Don’t think — react to reality.
3. Phrase repetition game (to wake up natural reactions)
4. Good reaction is unpredicted (for actor)
5. Learn the lines, but pick up impulses (work off your partner, off the current reality).
6. “Magic If” as a way to maximize your preparation and truthfullness
7. Emotional memory sucks!
8. You can’t really hide your real emotions!
9. Preparation is important. To fill yourself with emotions before the act. To not be empty.
10. You must have a specific goal for any action.