How to learn English

I’ve recently discovered A. J. Hoge and his great project. As an experienced english learner I would recommend it to anybody.

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I couldn’t agree more on his teaching learning rules (below with my comments).

  1. Learn English phrases, not individual words
    This is how our memory works in general — words without strong connections to our own experience, emotions, memories, another ideas just mean nothing to our brain and vaporize quickly.
  2. Do not study grammar rules
    I don’t know how it works, but I’m lucky enough to see this rule in action. I started learning-using english since my 5th grade with native speaking teachers and have never learned a rule in my life. Well, except may be trying to remember when to use those the damned articles 🙂
  3. Learn with your ears, not with your eyes
    Totally agree. It’s when you disable the subtitles in Friends TV show and start listening, the real learning is started.
  4. Learn deeply
    Looks a bit like a bullshit to me. But in general it is the rule of a thumb in any learning process. I understand it as a deep diving your mindset in the context — read english, watch english, think english.
  5. (in this rule he promotes his POV stories technique). Great approach, btw. To see the same situation under different angles, in different tenses etc.
  6. Use real English materials
    I never saw an English text book which could teach me more real world English than any episode of Friends. Yes, it’ll be hard to learn English this way from scratch. My advice is to look for real English materials with decent translations, not adapted ones. Even child books would be much better than sterilized text books.
  7. (here he promotes his listen-and-answer mini stories approach). The basic idea is excellent — just fucking use your English! Answer questions, write, speak. Use any opportunity to apply you knowledge. Even if the knowledge is tiny. Sing a “Jingle bells” for christ sake!

Now this resourse is in my short but carefully crafted list of the best ESL (english as a second language) materials.

Here is the full list

  1. — podcast full of stories, dialogues, new words and Q&A’s.
  2. — a lot of training materials on polishing your american english pronunciation and reducing your non-english accent.
  3. All listening materials of A. J. Hoge I could find so far.